• Horror

    Planet Dead: Briggs Boys Mix Tape

    Scared to deathScared to lookThey shook… and that might get them killed! The nation he once fought for, has fallen. The woman he once loved, is gone. The dead have risen and all Robert Briggs has left is a few bullets and a broken family to protect. After losing his wife on day one of the outbreak, Robert and his young son, Jordan, have battled their way through the war zone that is Georgia to unite with his brother and elderly mother in Savannah. When a group of heavily armed men with a hero complex, come to town, Robert is forced to decide between keeping his people & family safe or pulling the future of America free from the bloodthirsty teeth of the infected. In this world blood is most definitely thicker than water and far more valuable than anyone would expect. The war against the dead kicks off here in this one-shot novel from the Planet Dead universe. If you’re looking for a non-stop action horror, then The Briggs Boys Mix Tape is a must read. Warning This Book Contains: Mature Language Violence Violence Against The Elderly Blood & Gore If you love “Dread Nation” “Z-Nation” “Black Summer” “Resident Evil” “Zombie Fallout” and “Slow Burn” Then you will love this series! This is a free stand alone book In The Planet Dead Series Planet Dead Planet Dead 2: Patient Zero Planet Dead 3: Promise Land Are All Available in eBook & Paperback