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    Temptation: An Older Woman Younger Man Romance (Temptation Series Book 1)

    He was her addiction. But she was the object of another man’s obsession… It was supposed to be a typical business trip to Hawaii. During the day, I’d put the final touches on the new location of my bakery. At night, I’d relax on the lanai while sipping a glass of wine. But that all changes when I meet him. Sexy. Intriguing. Haunted. And easily fifteen years younger than me. I should walk away. The last thing I need after turning forty is a midlife crisis in the form of an Australian Adonis. But something keeps drawing me back to him. So I make a proposition. One week. No names. No expectations. It’s the perfect plan… Until I learn the true identity of my vacation fling. They say temptation can be dangerous.I didn’t realize it could be so deadly. Temptation is the first book a brand new older woman, younger man romance between a brooding baseball player and a forty-year-old divorcée with a mysterious past. Start the series today. Temptation Series Reading Order:Each book in this series must be read in order, as it follows the same couple throughout.1. Temptation2. Persuasion3. Provocation4. Obsession Read more
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    Promise (Redemption Series Book 0)

    Everyone has a chapter they don’t want to read out loud. For me, it’s the summer before my junior year of high school. The summer boys finally begin to notice me. The summer he finally begins to notice me. Andrew Brinks. Handsome. Popular. Star hockey player. My best friend’s brother. The more time we spend together, the more hopeful I become that he’ll give me what I’ve dreamt about for years… My first kiss. But just like everything else in my life, it comes at a price I may not be ready to pay. One he may not be ready to pay, either.
 Promise is an optional extended prologue to T.K. Leigh’s Redemption Duet. Start this second chance, best friend’s brother romance today.
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    Dating Games: A Fake Relationship Romance

    My rules for being a Manhattan billionaire’s fake girlfriend… No kissing. No fooling around. No falling in love. What can possibly go wrong? Note to self: When your boyfriend dumps you on your thirtieth birthday, it’s probably not the smartest idea to drink so much that you wake up in the same bed as the mysterious hottie wearing the gorgeous suit who you noticed sitting across the bar. The only silver lining in my obvious lack of judgment is the promise of never seeing Mr. Suit again, not in a city the size of New York. Or so I thought, until a story I’m working on about the country’s most sought-after and elusive escort lands me in the same café as Mr. Suit. So I do what any self-respecting woman of my age would do in my shoes… Try to ignore him. But he won’t let me. Instead he makes a proposition that leaves me questioning whether I need to have my ears checked. Be his fake girlfriend for a summer of wealth and excess in the Hamptons. In return, he’ll help me win back my boyfriend’s heart. Juvenile? You bet.Effective? Could be.Bad idea? Most likely. But what do I have to lose?Apparently, a lot more than I originally bargained for. Let the games begin… Dating Games is a standalone modern retelling of Cinderella meeting her billionaire Prince Charming. If you like a sassy heroine, a sinful hero, and a whole lot of laughs, then you’ll love this fake relationship romance. The Dating Games Series Recommended Reading OrderEach book in this series can be enjoyed separately as each revolves around a different couple, but for the best reading experience it is recommended to read in the order below. 1. Dating Games2. Wicked Games3. Mind Games4. Dangerous Games5. Royal Games