• Romance

    Just a Touch: A Second Chance Billionaire Romance (Heartthrob Hotel Book 1)

    I won’t let her go this time. She was my first love.Everyone told me it would never work between us. We came from two different worlds. But I didn’t listen.I was young and stupid and madly in love with a girl I thought loved me back. I was wrong. Ten years have past since she left.I wasn’t sure I’d ever see her again… until today when she arrived at my family’s luxury hotel dripping wet from head-to-toe and in desperate need of a room. Unfortunately, we’re booked solid.But she can stay in my room. First, I want to know why.Why she left. Why she never came back.Why she says she doesn’t want me when her body language screams otherwise. Just a touch. That’s all it took for me to fall for her before. Now is no different.Now I want more. I’ve always wanted more.And I won’t stop until she’s mine again. Just a Touch is scorching hot, hilarious, and guaranteed to tug your heart strings! Read more