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    Lebanese Takeout Recipes: Favorite Homemade Lebanese Takeout Recipes (2022 Cookbook for Beginners)

    Do you miss the tastes of Lebanon from your favorite takeaway restaurant? That is not an issue! In no time, you’ll be able to recreate the original tastes of your favorite Lebanese dishes in your own home! It’s no wonder that the cuisine of what was once known as “the Paris of the Middle East” has become one of the most popular in America. Food from the Mediterranean. Freshness, healthfulness, and diversity characterize Lebanese food. Fresh cereals, vegetables, fruit, fish and shellfish, poultry, and meat represent Lebanese cuisine. The tastes are usually rich and complex, seasoned with herbs and spices. You’ll find the following inside: A brief introduction to Lebanese cuisine and the ingredients used Common equipment used, as well as cooking techniques Delectable appetizers, dips, and sauces such as Chick Pea Hummus and Garlic Spicy Potatoes (Batata Harra) Rejuvenating salads like the Lebanese Salad with Pita Crisps (Fattoush Salad) Satisfying sandwich recipes like the Falafel Sandwich, Shish Taouk Pita, and Halloumi Cheese Sandwich Lebanese pizza dishes like the Cheese Manakeesh and the Lamb Pizza (Kafta Manakeesh) Delectable meat dishes such as Shawarma (roasted marinated beef) and Shish Kebab Grilled Lean Beef Favorite chicken recipes like the Lebanese Chicken Cutlet with Citrus Sauce and the Lebanese-Style Roasted Chicken And Much, Much More!… What are you waiting for?… Return to the top of the page and click the BUY NOW button to have this cookbook right now! Read more