• Young Adult

    Liza Fury – the Discovery :

    Avatar: The Last Airbender Meets The Gateway Trilogy Three notorious prisoners escape a maximum-security prison and make their way to the quiet Upper Ohio Valley… …The Elemental media remains silent, acting as though the breakout never occurred and silencing those who know otherwise My two newest friends also know the truth, given their connections to the legendary Sentinels. A fighting force infiltrated by a group of racketeers responsible for covering up the breakout. Skeeter and Daya may be sixteen and limited in their element-wielding ability, but it doesn’t stop them from dragging me along as we seek to reveal the truth. Not only are these prisoners more than capable of murder; so is the power-wielding political faction responsible for their breakout. So yeah, odds are I won’t live to see my next birthday. Liza Fury takes place during the events of Book I in the Terrian Chronicles Saga, Tarja Titan. If you’re a fan of shared universes, complex plots, and urban fantasy entwined with epic fantasy tropes, odds are you’ll fall in love with Liza Fury and the entire Terrian Chronicles Series. Download your copy today! Read more