• Young Adult

    Antuna’s Story (The Antunite Chronicles Book 1)

    Imagine yourself sucked through a wormhole.Could you thrive on a far-off planet? You’ll love Antuna’s Story because she knows the secret to survival.Antuna understands her multi-insect colony must work together to flourish. But what happens when evil forces corrupt her world? Antuna and her unlikely bee, spider, and termite pals face struggles between instinct and intelligence, and altruism versus aggression. Can diversity triumph over discrimination, and inclusiveness trump segregation? An allegory for modern times, where innocents are attacked by those seeking power.When a tale about the joy of friendship is eclipsed by the horrors of war. Will Antuna save her friends from impending doom? Find out now! Read more
  • Young Adult

    The Rise and Fall of Antocracy (The Antunite Chronicles Book 2)

    Imagine cyborg insectoids a thousand times larger than Earth insects.Let’s hope they’re friendly. But what happens when they create a centralized government that rules their planet?And what happens when their antocracy (democracy with ants in charge) fails? Anthiery and his mate Antianna fight to uphold diversity in their insectoid world and against wars brought on by a corrupt ruler Antilla. But when the antocracy fails, the ruthless autocrat Antilla does not tolerate descent. His draconian rule crushes all opposition and pushes the planet to the brink of ruin. Anthiery, Antianna, and their friends must fight or flee, and the planet’s survival is at stake. An allegory for modern times, where failing democracies place our planet in peril.When a tale about the joy of discovery is eclipsed by greed, deception, and unbridled power. What becomes of their beautiful planet? Find out now! Read more