• Horror

    Bloody Wicked: A Dark Urban Fantasy Story (The Legacy of a Vampire Witch Book 3)

    Taking on a horde of demon possessed vampires? Time to get wicked. You’d think when a plague that threatens all of vampire kind (not to mention the world) is afoot alerting the Vampire Council would be the responsible thing to do… I was too late… and now the already possessed council is coming after me. If only I could access the infernal power Edwin brought with him when he bound himself to me in hell… There is one item that might allow me to tap into that power:  a flambeaux once made by the Witch of Endor. Unfortunately, the infernal object is guarded by Cajun werewolves and the nasty ghost of a voodoo priestess. Not to mention, the possessed council is trying to get the item themselves. To get there first, to claim the object, I’ll have to be ruthless. I’ll have to embrace my inner darkness. I’ll have to be bloody wicked. Hell, it’s only the fate of the whole world that depends on it. Bloody Wicked is the third book in Theophilus Monroe’s Legacy of a Vampire Witch series. These vampires don’t sparkle. If Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles ever met the Mayfair witches you might end up with a character like Monroe’s Mercy Brown. She is a ruthless, badass, snarky anti-hero straight out of your worst nightmares. But you will want to root for her nonetheless! Read more