• Sci-Fi & Fantasy


    “If you’ve read the book’s description, it sells short the amount of humour present in the book. Throughout, I chuckled at the turns of phrase and laughed at the view it takes of a society obsessed over social media and willing to sacrifice privacy in the name of convenience. On more than one occasion, the writing’s wit reminded me of Douglas Adams.”—W.A. Stanley Eye-implant employee Emma Castle gets reassigned to deal with the crazy new illness that’s putting millions on Earth in a near-coma. Society in 2079 revolves around AI devices, including eyeGo, the visual implant installed in everyone from the age of nine. Emma, an eyeGo health technician, gets sucked into investigating a potential link between the eye implant and the affliction. While people around Earth drop like inebriated flies, Emma uncovers a potential conspiracy that could rock humankind and technology. Teaming up with a private investigator, a hacking guru, a senior member of The Milky Way Library, and a million-dollar AI assistant, Emma races to stop the devastation before everyone is toast. SHINY METAL BOXES, the first installment in The Wormholescope Chronicles, is a science fiction novel that falls into the abyss of technology addiction. Read more