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    Let Your Light So Shine: Children’s Book About Compassion, Kindness, Courage, Sharing, Gratitude, Acceptance, and Love for Boys and Girls, Ages 3-8

    Show your children the power of humanity by teaching them about compassion, kindness, courage, sharing, gratitude, acceptance, and love. Children spend time at school, the playground, school clubs, friend’s homes, and summer camps to meet and interact with other children from different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and needs. This book will help your children build social and emotional life skills and values to love themselves and others, accept diversity, help others, understand others and be more inclusive. The stories and beautiful illustrations in this book will help them become aware and enable them to have empathy for others in our society. They can grow up and be the light that shines bright for everyone to see This book uses simple examples and illustrations for kids to learn that: Having empathy for others is essential. Being kind to others is cool. Bullying is unkind behaviour. Using kind words when interacting with their peers helps to build better relationships. Treating everyone the same way they would like to be treated is fair Sharing with others is a gift. They should be brave and courageous Having an attitude of gratitude is important. They should love themselves and love others. Every child is special. This book is a great choice for boys and girls – so add it to your library today and enjoy reading it with your kids or giving it out as the perfect gift to others. Read more