• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Raid on Ganymede: A Jovian Wars Prequel

    The Battle for Jupiter has begun. General Joe Jackson has a problem. He survived the Martian Wars on Earth as the most decorated military officer in a century, and for a safe retirement job has decided to go with his wife, Carrie McKensie, and trail-blaze a settlement on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Another family, the Colombos, settled Callisto and Ganymede two generations ago establishing the Jovian Corporate Republic and have cornered the off-Earth market supplying water to the rest of the solar system. They at first welcomed the military heroes settling in Jupiter’s swampland; however, when Joe and Carrie’s settlement cut into the market share, they attack and damage Europan shipments throwing the embryonic settlement onto the brink of financial ruin. Joe’s only legal recourse is half a billion miles away, and they have no real enforcement power over the JCR. The Colombos are ready to call checkmate. Joe decides to kick the chessboard over. The Raid on Ganymede is the high-powered prequel to the Jovian Wars series of books. If you like underdog heroes, gritty strategies, and innovative, futuristic tactics, you’ll love Tom Briggs’s sci-fi military epic. Read more