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    Hydroponics for Beginners and Advanced: the Complete Hydroponic and Aquaponic Gardening Guide

    Learn How to Use Hydroponics to Build and Manage Your Own Garden! Have you always wanted a beautiful garden right in your home? Do you want to learn how to grow your own plants and vegetables? HYDROPONICS ALLOWS YOU TO GROW PLANTS WITH NO SOIL OR SUNLIGHT, USING SPECIAL NUTRIENT SOLUTIONS. PERFECT FOR COLDER CLIMATES AND HOME GARDENS! Plants need their water, sun and nutrients at the right time and in the right proportions. For a beautiful garden to grow in your home, you may wanna check out the science of hydroponics. Hydroponics enable plants to grow using adequate mineral nutrient solutions and watering regimens, with full environmental control and lightening systems.  Sounds complicated? This book will teach you all there is to know! You can become a master gardener in no time, and grow beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers right in your own home. Maybe you want to grow orchids? Have no fear! Hydroponics doesn’t discriminate. In all situations, hydroponics teaches you how to start and maintain a home wonderful garden.  This book will teach you about: What is hydroponics and how it works    Different types of hydroponic systems    Various growing mediums and how to pick the best one     The proper way to prepare nutrient solutions     Which plants to grow and which to avoid     How to stave off pests and diseases     AND SO MUCH MORE! Even if you’ve never thought about having your own garden, this book will certainly peak your interests. Is there anything more cool than being able to grow your own food? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to have a beautiful flower garden, but the weather wouldn’t allow it? This book will teach you that with the science of hydroponics, everything is possible! Ready to start growing? Scroll up, Click on ‘Buy Now with 1-Click’, and Get Your Copy!