• Historical Fiction

    Panzers: Push for Victory: Battle of Kursk

    Experience the first entry in Germany’s most successful alternate history series about a different World War 2! Panzers – Push for Victory by Tom Zola is thrilling, violent, and full of German cultural and military references. November 1942. Adolf Hitler, the “Führer” of the German Reich, unexpectedly dies in a plane crash in Hungary. The German High Command takes over the regime, disempowers the Nazi Party, and reorganizes its military forces. Germany has to swiftly overcome recent setbacks in North Africa and on the Eastern Front. Furthermore, an allied invasion already casts its long shadow. The German generals understand that it is not about the ultimate victory anymore but merely about achieving a stalemate to save the Reich on the negotiating table. First, they have to stabilize Germany’s positions on the Eastern Front. Therefore, the High Command gathers its panzer forces and throws them into a daring all or nothing gamble for the city Kursk. Tom Zola, a former sergeant in the German Army, is a military fiction writer, famous for his intense battle descriptions and realistic action scenes. In 2014 the first book of his PANZERS series was released in the German language, setting up an alternate history scenario. A different German Reich tries to turn around the fortunes of war at the pinnacle of the Second World War. Zola doesn’t beat around the bush; his stories involve brutal fighting, inhuman ideologies, and a military machine that overruns Europe and the whole world without mercy. He has developed a breathtaking yet shocking alternate timeline that has finally been translated into English. “Battle of Kursk” is the first entry in the German military fiction series Panzers: Push for Victory Book 1: Panzers: Push for Victory – Battle of Kursk Book 2: Panzers: Push for Victory – Global Conflict Book 3: Panzers: Push for Victory – D-Day – They are coming! Book 4: Panzers: Push for Victory – The Battle of Normandy Book 5: Panzers: Push for Victory – Himmler’s Greatest Hour Book 6: Panzers: Push for Victory – Rocket War Book 7: Panzers: Push for Victory – Defensive Battle at Vitebsk Book 8: Panzers: Push for Victory – The Bomb Scroll up, Click on “Buy Now”, and Get Your Copy Now! Read more