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    Itsa Mouse and the Cake House: (A colourfully illustrated children’s chapter book for ages 6-10 years).

    Read Toula Messer’s latest children’s book, Itsa Mouse and the Cake House, a feel-good fun adventure for girls and boys aged 6–10. Imaginatively and colourfully illustrated with flair by James Messer. Itsa Mouse and the Cake House is a beautifully illustrated children’s chapter book that tells the heartwarming tale of five adorable mice friends and how a cake changed their lives! Everyone was feeling happy and festive… ….except for Itsa Mouse and his friends who were homeless, cold and hungry, and living on the snowy streets of London Town. This is the tale of their delicious Christmas adventure as they go in search of somewhere safe and warm to live for the holidays. Suitable for children from ages 6 to 10, to be read alone or with a parent. Here is a selection of feedback that we received from our young readers and their grown-ups: Xander (6) was totally engaged throughout. Kal (7) ‘I think it was a great book and I like how the mice made the most of their home, especially the bin bit.’ I also thought it was a very interesting, exciting and funny story, which will help get children thinking about appreciating what they have.’ My 6year old Ethan loved the book and said you are a very good writer! I loved the aspects that opened up conversations with my son around homelessness, albinism and Christmas traditions. Thank you for sharing this lovely book with us, he wanted to know what happened next!! Andriani (6) and Axel (8) Both kids really enjoyed it Rating out of 10 is 9.5 (because no book is perfect apparently). They enjoyed the humour They liked the rhyming. They enjoyed the theme of the story of the houses and the search for a homeland the idea of the Gang as a family looking out for each other. They liked the part about the leader needing glasses and a fur coat and how his gang came to support rescue his missing glasses They liked the eco reference with the cocktail stick They enjoyed the twist at the end with the box and going into the dustbin Hope this helps it gives you some sense that it was really enjoyed by the kids and had some really good talking and learning points. Jacob (9) Loved the story. Interested in book 2. Would like to see a Halloween adventure. Enjoyed the plot and the mice. Loved their names. Loved Itsa best. Loved the pics. Jacob, aged 9. Honestly, he loves it and was really engrossed in the story and kept asking about the characters and what certain things meant. He immediately picked up on the mouse names probably as I had introduced him to Asterix (Dogmatix, Cacophonix, Vitalstatistix etc). Harrison (9) This book is epic! It’s very festive, about a clever little mouse and how he and his friends have lots of adventures. I really hope there are more books like this, I love it! A percentage of profits from the sale of this book will go to Centrepoint. Centrepoint is a charity in the United Kingdom that provides accommodation and support to homeless young people aged 16–25. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, has been a patron of the organization since 2005; his first patronage. His mother Diana, Princess of Wales, was patron of the organization before she died. A link is given in the introduction explaining how you can make your own donation to Centrepoint if you wish. An ‘Itsa Mouse and Cake House’ colouring book is also available to keep children amused until the next Itsa Mouse adventure is published soon. It is the perfect gift! Read more