• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Free to Dance (Amaryllis Series Book 7)

    From the author of the Amaryllis Series, Midas Series, Devotion Series, and Glacier Adventure Series: Just dance Marco Houde’s world revolves around the impossibly alluring nightclub built on the outskirts of Manhattan. Even as the wealthy and elite line up night after night for entry, there’s a part of him few manage to touch.Then he watched her saunter into Redemption. Fireworks went off inside him. Brilliant financier Lynne Bradbury is determined to give her best friend the bachelorette party of her dreams. Along with the rambunctious Freeman clan, she ends up moving and shaking in the VIP section. But it isn’t long before she accuses him of being a bad liar for treating her differently than he does the others.She just doesn’t understand why. As the music plays, Lynne can’t quite shake off the feeling there’s more to Marco than meets the eye, especially after he whirls her around the dance floor. Because that one dance between them changes everything. Also by Tracey Jerald Amaryllis Series Free to Dream Free to Run Free to Rejoice Free to Breathe Free to Believe Free to Live Free to Dance Free to Wish Free to Protect Free to Reunite – Coming Soon! Devotion Series Ripple Effect Flood Tide Midas Series: Perfect Proposal Perfect Assumption Perfect Composition Perfect Order Perfect Satisfaction – Coming Soon! Glacier Adventure Series Return by Air Return by Land Return by Sea Standalones Close Match Unconditionally With Me – A With Me in Seattle Novella Read more