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    Justice: A Choose A Hero Romance™

    Now, more than ever, don’t you want choice and control in your life? Get your hands on the new trend that’s taking the romance world by storm!Tracy Tappan’s Choose A Hero Romance™Where the reader controls the ending! JUSTICE:A Choose A Hero Romance™ A star athlete with a notorious reputation, Justine “Justice” Hayes is offered the chance to join the United States’ elite Special Operations Forces. SOF is standing up three new units called “Special Missions,” and Justice’s past as a master thief makes her perfect to lead one of these intelligence-gathering teams. But an impossible condition stands between her and her dream job. She has to survive the Navy’s most intensive and grueling SPECWAR training program: BUD/S. Despite opposition, Justice soon finds herself wearing the rank of a Navy ensign and competing with some of America’s toughest men. Two of these SEAL candidates will come to test her mind and her heart, as much as her will to keep business and pleasure firmly separate. Temptations multiply when she crosses swords with the cocky helicopter pilot who commands her Special Missions flight crew. Her vow to maintain a professional distance is finally shaken when an unorthodox training exercise goes terribly wrong. In the brutal aftermath, she needs a man who cares about her to help her fully heal.But which hero will ultimately win her…? The gentleman? The leader? The wild one? YOU CHOOSE! In this unique Choose A Hero Romance™, the reader decides which hero will earn a happily ever after with Justice Hayes. Love every hero in his own way? You can have as many happily-ever-afters as you want! When you’re finished with one ending, simply choose another and keep reading. All endings are available NOW * Every Choose A Hero ending is different, complete with a distinct mission, individual character arcs, and exclusive story secrets. Choose one book or all…a unique story waits for you in every one! Content guidelines: This book contain profanity, some violence, and adult content. There is one scene not suitable for gentle readers, but the specifics of the scene are outlined before it occurs, allowing the reader to easily bypass it and skip ahead.Please note the following: This is NOT a ménage romance. One ending equals one true-love hero. This is not a love triangle. In the main story, the heroine will be drawn to all three heroes in different ways, but she will only truly love the one man you choose for her. This is not a cheating lovers story. The heroine isn’t cheating on one hero when you choose another for her; rather, she goes on to live a different romance along a unique timeline. ** Now’s your chance to have your cake and eat it too—to make three different life choices vicariously through the heroine, and so earn herself multiple happily-ever-afters. IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE NOVEL. This is the first part only of a Choose A Hero Romance™. Each ending is available on a separate bookseller page and contains between 140 and 160 pages of additional content. Readers may enjoy as many endings as they choose. And please don’t forget to come back here and tell everyone what you think of the heroes!