• Young Adult

    By Boxing, Blade or Bludgeon: a Guide to One Goal, Many Paths Thinking

    Training time is always limited. Conversely the number or tools we need to be familiar seem almost limitless. What we really need is a way to distill the use of those tools into a curriculum that fits with our limited training time. Distilling not just the mechanics of the tool but the approach to the fight itself. Its not enough to simply mimic one tool with another, you have to know how that tool approaches the “rules” of combat. You can’t just learn how to move a tool, you have to also learn how to truly use the tool in a realistic, functional and simple manner. In this book you will find one answer to how this can be done. Included are explanations and samples of a training method that allows the student to add a knowledge of many weapons, their use and most importantly why you use them that way at each stage of the fight. Read more