• Paranormal

    Fearless Leader (Juxtapose City 1)

    When a young, uptight police lieutenant comes up against a street-wise and sexually aggressive empath, sparks fly… Lieutenant Black, an intense young man with a mysterious past and a hatred of the street drug Bliss, is the leader of the police team which frequently targets psypaths, those with psychic powers. When the beautiful and sexy empath Calyx Starr is pulled from the streets and forced onto his team as part of the police captain’s secret agenda, Black must deal not only with Starr’s relentless seductions, but also a dangerous telepath with a deadly grudge who has targeted the empath and Black’s team. Calyx Starr isn’t used to being denied. Born on the streets and forced into a life of prostitution to fuel his Bliss habit, Calyx is street-wise and tough, and thinks he can use Black for his own secret plans. However the more Calyx learns about Black and his team, the more the empath begins to think Black may be more than a challenge…he may be the only man Calyx can trust with his life and his heart. Too bad Black is a man with dangerous secrets, and becoming involved with him means Calyx may wind up dead or psychically destroyed. Don’t miss any of the Juxtapose City series books:1: Fearless Leader2: In the Blink of an Eye3: The Battle for Black4: The Ultimate Team5: My Lover, My Enemy6: The Sound of Truth