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    How to Crush the Teenage Years Like a Boss: Life Hacks for Latter-day Saint Youth

    Popular author and speaker Dr. Trina Boice helps teens navigate self-confidence, dating, school, jobs, money, trials, family relationships, and more! Celebrities share their wisdom too, and all of the comic strip artwork that is featured in the book is by award-winning designer Brittany Olsen. Dr. Trina shares stories and advice to help teenagers choose wisely because their choices today will affect the quality of the rest of their lives. Your teens are going to love this book! The fun and inspiring book utilizes the theme of glasses to illustrate how we SEE things as we LOOK into the future! Each chapter FOCUSES on different aspects and types of eyewear to illustrate and help teens expand their VISION of their future. Chapter topics include:TABLE OF CONTENTSCHAPTER ONE How do you SEE the world?CHAPTER TWO Embrace the Awkward!CHAPTER THREE READING GLASSES: Education opens doors and your eyesCHAPTER FOUR SCIENCE SAFETY GOGGLES: Dating is a scienceCHAPTER FIVE How much is that Mormon in the Window?CHAPTER SIX GROUCHO GLASSES: Humor is the sense we all have in commonCHAPTER SEVEN Giant GLASSES: Mission PossibleCHAPTER EIGHT MAGNIFYING GLASS: See the world up close!CHAPTER NINE PRESCRIPTION GLASSES: Improving your eternal visionCHAPTER TEN 3 D Glasses: Step into the worldCHAPTER ELEVEN Phantom of the Opera Mask: Developing talentsCHAPTER TWELVE SKI GOGGLES: Seeing things the mirror doesn’t tell youCHAPTER THIRTEEN Sleeping Mask: Enlightened DarknessCHAPTER FOURTEEN ROSE COLORED GLASSES: “Grass is always greener on the other side” syndromeCHAPTER FIFTEEN BINOCULARS: Parents & ParentingCHAPTER SIXTEEN Mr. Potato Head Glasses: Where’s your focus?CHAPTER SEVENTEEN TANNING GOGGLES: See your lightCHAPTER EIGHTEEN CAMOFLAUGE MASK: The battle before Christ Comes AgainCHAPTER NINETEEN EYE PATCH: It’s only a flesh woundCHAPTER TWENTY OLD GRANNY GLASSES: Life is Shorter Than You ThinkCHAPTER TWENTY-ONE GOOGLE GLASSES: Being a part of the futureCHAPTER TWENTY-TWO SONglasses: Your Future With Him is So Bright!About the Author, Trina Boice Read more