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    Mysterious Tales of Loss and Woe— and Other Jovial Stories (Mysterious Tales of Loss and Woe- & Other Jovial Stories)

    Mysterious Tales of Loss and Woe: Short stories that read like Twilight Zone episodes for young people. Lilac is a girl of eight, or ten, or twelve years old— she’s not sure. She lives happily in the woods until she meets a Troll who introduces her to new ideas about herself (Lilac & the Troll). Nelson is just another normal first year at Cambridge when he begins to have ghostly visions of one of England’s most famous statesmen. Why him, and what must he do to make the hauntings stop? (Oliver Cromwell’s Head) Enjoy these and other short stories that give you a sense of the surreal— while leaving you to ponder life’s great lessons. Characters journey through real— and not so real— life situations, where they must choose right from wrong, true from untrue, good or bad, and love over hate. Other stories include: The Pitiful Tale of Rosemary Pickering; Transfiguration in the Blind Forest; & The Jovial Story of Anges and the Great Pestilence, among others. Recommended for middle and high schoolers (as well as adults!) Suggested ages: 10-16. Read more