• Young Adult

    Objects in Mirror: A coming-of-age novel about confronting fears and welcoming love (Stonegate Series Book 1)

    “The book is beautifully written; it flows, and pushes and pulls the reader’s heart and mind.” – Amazon Reviewer “Set against the backdrop of horse jumping and showing, it’s a sweet teenage-girl’s fantasy come true.” – Amazon Reviewer Starving, starving … Grace is always starving these days. But Grace is also strong, and determined, and skinny. For the first time ever Grace is as thin as she wants to be – nearly – and there’s no way she’s giving that up. Except, what if she has to give up other things to be able to keep wearing her new “skinny” breeches? What if it comes down to a choice between all the horses she loves – Sprite, the ferocious jumper, and Iowa, the sweet greenie, and Whinny, the abused but tough mare – and the numbers on the scale, the numbers on food labels, the numbers always running through her head? Grace knows what her stepmother, Annabelle, wants her to decide. She knows what Matt – gorgeous, amazing Matt – wants her to do. She knows what the doctors think. But she also knows nobody else can make this decision for her. And sometimes she’s not even sure if she’s got the strength to do it. There is danger in living with anorexia, and there is also hope. Objects in Mirror is a truthful exploration of these extremes and of the struggles that lie between them. BOOKS IN THE STONEGATE SERIES:Objects in Mirror (Book 1)After Lucas (Book 2)Throw Your Heart Over (Book 3) REVIEWS “I FLEW through this remarkable book and I was so upset when it ended! I can’t wait for more of this story. Tudor is such a beautiful writer who understands horses and horse-people inside and out. A must read.” – Natalie Keller Reinert, author of the Eventing, and Show Barn Blues series “I really enjoyed this book. Great characters (both human and horse) and an interesting premise. The family dynamics in this book are wonderful.” – Genevieve Mckay, author of the Defining Gravity series Read more