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    Wipe Your Bum Bum, Dino White!: a Silly Song to Laugh and Sing Along, With Fun Karaoke Video! Ages 4-8.

    Dino White is here to laugh, rhyme and sing! Teaching English the fun way – oh, the joy he will bring! This delightful multi-sensory children’s book will have kids laughing, singing and learning as they follow silly T-rex Dino White changing colours with each new emotion he feels! Along the way, Dino White plays a delightful rhyming-riddle game, giving readers hints about exactly what colour he has turned! He might be a lovely shade of blue when he’s dreaming about the night sky — but watch out if he gets upset and turns bright red! After Dino White has taken them on a tour of all his colours, he will reveal a little “surprise” that will have your child howling with laughter! Also included as a bonus a link to a SPECIAL KARAOKE VIDEO, so children can enjoy a sing-along with their colourful new friend! PLAY as you solve the riddles! SING-ALONG with Dino White on the bonus free Karaoke video! SHARE the silly adventures of Dino White with your whole family! Wipe Your Bum Bum, Dino White is chock-full of silly, hilarious, musically-creative fun children will absolutely love! Order now! Read more