• Horror

    Sterling Secrets: Sterling Chains Prequel

    “I’m alone in New York City, an ocean away from my clan in England. This is the price I’m paying for an aged soothsayer naming me the woman to bring forth the most powerful Lycan ever known. Now a ruthless gangster wants me for his bride, and all I want is a life of my own. So I ran away, straight into a random encounter with a former FBI agent turned private investigator named Ashley Sterling. The magic coming off of him is more powerful than I’ve ever sensed. On top of that, he has premonitions–and he’s handsome. I’m attracted, terrified and intrigued at the same time. Can he help me?” “My best friend is a chick magnet. Me, I’m more of a trouble magnet. Okay, half the time as an investigator I go looking for it, but as soon as I catch her eyes on the subway, all the bells in my head ring. The woman from my premonition is right in front of me. She’s in trouble, on the run. Olivia is also beautiful and sensed my magic immediately. How can I not be intrigued? I’ve stepped in to help her, even though every signal in my brain tells me that by doing so, my life will never be the same.” Trigger warnings: adult content and language. Sex on the page, mentions of violence. Read more