• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Marex: Immortal Forsaken Series (Paranormal Romance Novella)

    The Vampire Entyre Law: To live is by blood. To take is by design. Marex Daulton is a leader, a fighter, a revolutionist. Now he is…abandoned. Chained to a wall, he’s destined for execution for an unthinkable crime – one he didn’t commit. Years of attempting to unite vampires and shifters in peace has culminated in the ultimate betrayal. When a mysterious vampiress comes to his cell with designs to free him, he feels stoned on her energy, eager for her blood. One taste, and he must possess her. Take her. Run with her. When they’re offered sanctuary from a powerful pack leader, he knows this is a point of no return. Nadine was meant to find the only vampire that has come close to ceasing the war between two of the most powerful beings in the underworld. Thrust into his world of danger and distrust, she clings to her faith in the gods that what she’s done will not be in vain. Night after night Marex gives her mindless ecstasy, consuming her heart and soul, yet with one wrong move, they could be ripped apart. To discover the truth, clear his name, and gain the support they need to accomplish what has never succeeded before, they’ll need to do more than push the limits. They’ll need to break them. He is an immortal forsaken… *This story contains carnal, sexual content, alpha behavior, a sexy shifter ally, a heroine who will not be denied her mate, and adult language. It is intended for 18+ readers* IMMORTAL FORSAKEN SERIES Marex — Vol IDison — Vol IIFitz — Vol IIIRhemy — Vol IVAleck — Vol VShain — Vol VI