• Young Adult

    Copper and Smoke: Book 2 of the Water-folk Saga

    After escaping the horrors of the Academy, Calitha Araxie tries to live inconspicuously with her best friend, Dagwood. But Cali can’t avoid the relentless call of the sea or the islanders who attack her for her scarred appearance…that is, until Dagwood’s former roommate, Eamon, comes to the rescue. With Eamon’s encouragement, they voyage to the marshlands of Eteria, where Cali meets God-folk and discovers more about the mystical blue tome linked to her powers. But Dagwood is troubled by his aging mentor’s health, and as every journey becomes more dismal, he seems to be filled with anger…or jealousy. Following arguments with Dagwood and the looming threat of the Black Fleet, Cali takes solace in Eamon’s company, but as the group returns to Montauciel, only Dagwood understands the trauma Cali experienced there. Can Cali overcome enemies at every turn, kidnappings, and the faces from her past to confront who she truly is? And, as Eamon and Dagwood’s history is exposed, who will Cali choose to trust? Find out in Book 2 of the Water-Folk Sage, Copper and Smoke. Read more