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    SAS: Babcock’s Revenge (An SAS SOE Special Forces Series Book 1)

    It’s the Middle of World War Two and Cpl. Carl Babcock has been self-reliant for many months after escaping from Singapore in February of 1942. After being rescued in an unbelievable way he finds himself assigned to a new battle in Papua New Guinea against the Japanese. It will be the most challenging time of his life thus far.On the move again things are not as they seem as the Australian Infantry work their way through the jungle along the Kakoda track in an attempt to stop the enemies advance towards Port Moresby. It’s jungle warfare like no other place on the planet as Babcock struggles with his mates as they move up and down endless mountains and cross many crocodile infested rivers. The endless rain and the unforgiving humidity push every man to their limit as they move toward their objectives while Australian commando’s report enemy movement from forward positions.With everything working against them will these men find enough courage and strength to complete their new mission? Will the Imperial Japanese army stop them before they can escape into deeper jungle? Are the local tribesmen going to allow them to move across their territory? Only time will tell.