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    Mage’s Burden: Book 1 of the Fire of the Jidaan Trilogy

    Fans of Both Epic Fantasy and Superheroes Agree…it’s LOTR meets The Avengers! Evil ArisesFor over two thousand years, the Realm of Talwynn has known peace. But now, an unfathomable evil has broken free. Mordak has risen, and the time for battle has come once more. An Ancient Legacy AwakesBrunar, a noble Mage, turns to the magick of the Jidaan for aid. The Jidaan, six powerful and ancient weapons, were once wielded by trained Guardians. They had been fierce warriors, highly skilled in the use of the magickal powers of the Jidaan. Now, those Guardians are long dead, and the Jidaan lay silent. Guardians AssembleEven as Brunar searches for the newly chosen Guardians, Mordak unleashes his army of hideous creatures and undead soldiers across the land, drenching it in blood. Brunar works feverishly to train his new Guardians in time, but not all of those Chosen accept their destiny. Bloodthirsty Creatures vs Courageous Heroes! As war erupts, Talwynn’s bravest men, women, and the elf-like Weya answer the call to arms as Brunar leads the struggle against Mordak’s bloodthirsty horde of abominations. The untested Guardians must rise to the challenge, or else watch Talwynn burn… Packed full of action and adventure, Mage’s Burden is perfect for fans of Dennis L. McKiernan’s Mithgar series, Simon R. Green’s Forest Kingdom tales, or Raymond Feist’s Riftwar Saga. Interview with the Author Q – So, what makes the Fire of the Jidaan series special? A – This epic fantasy series came about because years ago, I read a couple of books from a series that was new to me…and I hated them! I wanted a certain kind of sword and sorcery tale that had noble heroes, evil villains, and lots of action and adventure! Frustrated, I figured it was time I wrote the story I wanted to read. A lifelong martial artist (I now own and run a martial arts school), I also wanted to add a certain ‘kung fu flavor’ to the tale. I integrated certain martial arts concepts into the story. I’ve always been a fan of long-bladed Chinese weapons, and they inspired the magickal spears that are central to the story. I actually had one made…it’s sooo cool! The Fire of the Jidaan gives you a solid fantasy tale set in a familiar, exciting, and occasionally astonishing world of blades, magick, and monsters: fun stuff! Q – Will there be more books set in the same world? A – Yes! A duology will be published by the Summer of 2018. Some characters from the original series are back, as well as many new ones I think you’ll love…or love to hate! It’s set about twenty years after the events of Fire of the Jidaan. Q – So, why should readers give these books a try? A – Let’s let the readers answer that! “True to the fantasy genre in all respects Mage’s Burden is a must read. Move over Game of Thrones, there’s a new story in town. Great characters, descriptive narrative, and a villain we can loathe.” “All in all it is storytelling done right and I can’t wait to read the next installment.” “ Whit’s martial arts background gives life to the fight scenes and to the characters learning their way around the different weapons.” Readers who enjoy epic fantasy with mages, monsters, swords, sorcery, and heroes battling against all odds will definitely enjoy this series! Thanks for reading, folks! Fire of the Jidaan Series eBook Categories: – Epic Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks – Action & Adventure – Myths & Legends – Dragons & Mythical Creatures – Superheroes Read more