• Horror

    Pathways to Bolingbrook: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story (The Bolingbrook Babbler Stories Book 1)

    Which path would you choose? Bolingbrook, a Chicago suburb, is called the Pathway Village. It’s a quiet village, known for its cultural diversity, civic-minded volunteers, and “business-friendly” climate. Yet Bolingbrook hides dark secrets. Monsters lurk in its shadows. Covert facilities house otherworldly beings. The Bolingbrook Babbler’s reporters work to expose the truth, while village officials cover up the truth. Two women each find themselves at the beginning of a dark path to Bolingbrook’s paranormal underground: Miriam is homeless, out of options, and stuck in Iowa City. A stranger offers her a way out. His offer seems too good to be true, but Miriam knows every offer comes with a catch. Could his offer be worse than her current situation? Sara is a reporter at a struggling newspaper chain and a mother of two. She was about to write an article when she found a recording on her phone. It was a man dictating the article she was going to write. She didn’t recognize the voice, nor did she remember the conversation. Her editor and publisher warn her not to investigate. Perusing the story will end her career, yet she needs what happened. How far will she go to find the answer? Pathways to Bolingbrook is the first of the Bolingbrook Babbler Stories books. Fans of Welcome to Night Vale and The X-Files will enjoy these stories. Will either of them choose the right path? Get Pathways to Bolingbrook to find out. Read more