• Romance

    The Spirit of Want

    A successful surgeon, a powerful female attorney, a TV evangelist accused of child molestation.   Lucy MacMeil was hired to defend Reverend Bain, but instead of winning the legal case, the defendant wins her heart. Lucy fortuitously falls in love with her client and under the threat of prosecution, he flees to Africa.   Lucy has a choice to make; will she follow her head or her heart.  Lucy shockingly abandons her marriage, her family and even her successful career and follows him to Africa. On her journey, Lucy is faced with deep questions about who he really is and discovers the devastating effects of unrequited love.  Praise for Spirit of Want: “Coles touches on racism, legal issues, trial law, and many social issues in weaving this fascinating tale – and it unrolls naturally and with brilliance.”  “Great story! Held my interest from the first page to the last.  Intriguing title, but fitting.  A great read, with captivating characters.” “THE SPIRIT OF WANT once again proves that Cole’s brilliant prose further demonstrates that he is an author whose name should be on every list of significant contemporary writers. William H. Coles blends his depth of knowledge about medicine with his extraordinary sensitivity to philosophy and the true meaning of life as it can be lived, abused, fractured, and redeemed.”