• Paranormal

    Burn the Night (The Enforcers Book 1)

    Nothing is ever what it seems—including me. When it takes everything you’ve got just to survive, failure is not an option. Abandoned as a baby, I grew up in an orphanage and a slew of foster homes, my strange magical abilities a magnet for trouble until the government plucked me up and turned me into a weapon working on their behalf. I was to hunt down others like me—paranormals who had gone rogue—and I had no choice but to comply… For years, they never cared about what I could do, they just needed me to get the job done. But now they’re asking lots of questions, and I don’t have any of the answers. The truth is: nobody knows who or what I am. Not even me. If I can’t figure it out soon, I’ll not only lose my job but possibly end up in prison… or the morgue. Read more