30 Day Transformation Devotional

By (author)Andy Ripley

This transformative book offers a 30-day journey to help readers break free from complacency and recommit to their faith. With daily messages and a focus on meditation and prayer, it provides the tools needed to reignite a passion for serving Jesus Christ and becoming dedicated disciples. Let this powerful devotional guide you back on track with the Lord and experience a renewed sense of purpose and determination in your spiritual journey.


Thirty days of concentration and focus on how the Lord transforms His people from rescued sinners to determined disciples. If you seem to be stuck in neutral, if you have not been growing as you would like to, if you have wandered off the path and are eager to get back on – reading this book over a thirty day period could encourage you back on track with the Lord. Meditate on each days message throughout the day, and look for ways to apply it to your life. Pray before, during, and after studying the message. Let the word of God resonate in your mind and heart. Most of us do not take full advantage of our opportunities to grow in the Lord. We often fear the cost of genuine discipleship. Maybe some of us get ourselves entangled too much in the affairs of this world, and temporarily lose sight of the value of serving Jesus Christ. Others become complacent, satisfied with the progress that has already been made, and become slackened in our efforts. Whatever the reason we may sometimes fall behind, the Lord knows that we are made of dust and sometimes need a boost. My hope is that the strong messages of these short devotionals will help some to get back to the place where they can say that the Lord is their portion in this life, and truly mean it.