A Christmas Eve Promise: a Story of Hope and Joy

By (author)Gregg Stutts

In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty of World War II, Thomas makes a life-changing promise to his sweetheart on a snowy Christmas Eve. Little does he know how much this promise will shape their lives and those of future generations. Plus, get a bonus book included that delves into the secrets and danger lurking in a small town.


It’s December 1941. Thomas is in his third year of college and is about to propose to Emily, his high school sweetheart. But the attack on Pearl Harbor has shocked the nation and is threatening to keep them apart. On a snowy, romantic Christmas Eve, he makes a life-changing promise to her. But fulfilling it will require everything of him and will lead to generational consequences he never could have imagined. Now is the time for a story of hope and joy. BONUS BOOK INCLUDED: The Lakeside Conspiracy. Max and Michelle Henry had the perfect marriage and an ideal life in the small town of Lakeside, Arkansas where Max is the football coach and Michelle is a teacher. But when Max discovers the police are covering up the death of his star player will he and Michelle uncover secrets someone is ready to kill over?

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