A Daily Dose of Godly Encouragement: Medicine for Tough Days: Book 3: Summer

By (author)Larry E Davies


Experience the beauty and challenges of life on Virginia Beach through the eyes of a retired pastor in “Summer.” Discover the unseen side of the beach, the impactful work of local churches, and the powerful stories of healing and hope. This book is the ultimate daily dose of Godly encouragement for tough days, filled with inspiring tales of faith and transformation.


Nothing describes summer better than visiting the beach: walking in the hot sand, surfers shootin’ the tube, beach volleyball, laying on a towel sunbathing, visiting souvenir shops and listening to Beach Boys music. I grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia and spent several summers as a teenager working and playing near the beach. As a pastor, I often thought about returning to pastor a church on the beach, but it wasn’t until after I retired that I got the opportunity to serve Virginia Beach United Methodist Church. . Every day I had the opportunity to take a walk on the beach boardwalk and enjoy the atmosphere. I learned something. There are parts of Virginia Beach that tourists don’t often see. In addition to the large hotels, expensive restaurants, and beach homes there are also the working poor riding to work on bicycles from a nearby trailer park or run-down hotel and the homeless sleeping on benches along the beach.. Churches near the beach are actively providing food, shelter, medical aid and financial assistance. One member of our church owned a successful bicycle shop. When he retired, he sold the shop, but donated his tools and his inventory to our church. That owner and other retired folks now repair or provide bicycle transportation to anyone who needs it. One person had a vision from God and possessed the ability and talent to turn that vision into an awe-inspiring reality that helps thousands of people in need. . You will read amazing stories of people and churches accomplishing remarkable ministry. There are stories of healing and healing services. There are miraculous mission trips to Sri Lanka after a tsunami and Mississippi following a hurricane. There are also wild weddings, the Beverly Hillbillies and Elvis. Finally, there is a series that starts with a computer crash and leads to me discovering Four Prescriptions for life and a promise from God.. “A Daily Dose of Godly Encouragement: Medicine for Tough Days” represents a summation of my attempts over the past thirty years to plant God’s seeds of encouragement and hope within you. This book, “Summer” represents July through September of a year-long opportunity to provide meaningful and transforming daily medicine.