A Teacher’s Heart of Gold: an Inspirational Romance Novel

By (author)Grace Clemens

Tabitha Kingsbury is determined to make a difference with her teaching in the small town of Tinker, despite resistance from parents and her own troubled past. When she meets single father Algie, both are drawn to each other and must overcome obstacles to find love and happiness. Will they be able to conquer their challenges and find a fresh start with an open heart?


Tabitha Kinsgbury is eager to elude her past and sets out on a new journey, determined to make a change with her teaching in the small town of Tinker. Despite some resistance from the most regressive parents of the girls in her class, Tabby is resolved to make her curriculum work and give them equal opportunities. When she meets a single father of two of her students, Algie, she is immediately drawn to him and has thus more than one reason to want to succeed.Will she be able to run away from the past that torments her and have a fresh start with an open heart?Algernon Bronson has been having a hard time with his two children since his wife passed away in childbirth. It’s been five years but it is only now that he has started thinking of finding a woman to be his companion and the mother his children so desperately need. When the new teacher, Tabby, arrives in town, his world is shaken, and his views of what a good companion might be, change dramatically.Will he give true love a second chance despite all the obstacles in his way?Together, Tabby and Algie will work hard to win over the upset parents and make a success of her new teaching methods. But when Tabby’s past comes to haunt her, will their efforts be enough to overcome the resistance and keep her in town and in Algie’s heart or will she be once again fleeing with a broken heart?”A Teacher’s Heart of Gold” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.