Angel of Death

By (author)Brian O'Hare

Join Detective Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan as he navigates the gritty streets of Belfast in a desperate race to catch a killer with cryptic biblical undertones. In a post-Troubles Northern Ireland, Sheehan must confront his own past and decide who he can trust before it’s too late in this award-winning, addictive page-turner. Will he solve the case and find love in the process?


. Seasoned Detective Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan has spent his life married to his career in the Serious Crimes Unit. No time for love, no time for friends, only time to find the next killer in Belfast.. When his newest case introduces him to the life he’s missed — including the lovely widow, Margaret — and reminds him of the early life he left behind, Detective Sheehan’s forced to face more than his job.. But his newest case is also his hardest: a series of killings with cryptic biblical undertones.. To make matters worse, the only profile Sheehan has for the murderer is someone with trauma in their past. In post-Troubles Northern Ireland, that could be anyone.. As the clock counts down to the next kill, Sheehan must decide who he can trust — before it’s too late.. Originally published by Crimson Cloak as The Doom Murders, Angel of Death is Book 1 of the award-winning The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries series and has been the recipient of three literary awards.. ***** The Chief Inspector, Jim Sheehan, is drawn so deftly and with such genuineness, you can feel him breathing. (Eugene Fournier, novelist and screenwriter, film and TV). ***** Incredibly addictive page-turner.(Meghan, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer). ***** O’Hare leans toward the human side of his characters, imbuing them with a real-world presence that is in turn witty and passionate. (Roy.T James, for Readers’ Favourite). .