Artemis City Shuffle

By (author)Jessie Kwak


In “Collision Course”, Raj is tasked with protecting a seemingly harmless grandma in Artemis City, but quickly finds himself in the middle of a dangerous shootout. Meanwhile, Lasadi, a seasoned thief, takes on the challenge of robbing the head of a criminal organization, only to find herself in a life-threatening situation. As their paths intertwine, both Raj and Lasadi are drawn into a thrilling web of near misses and close calls, making for a high-stakes and action-packed read.


Playing bodyguard for a grandma vacationing in Artemis City should be an easy day’s work for someone with Raj Demetriou’s skill set—but as the bullets begin to fly, Raj is starting to think he picked the wrong old lady to guard today.. Lasadi Cazinho knows there are harder people to rob than the head of Artemis City’s biggest criminal organization — but probably not many. Still, she’s up the challenge—until a series of mysterious assassinations have her scrambling for her life.. Raj and Lasadi may both be down on their luck. But as a series of near misses and close calls spin their futures into a collision course, that’s about to change.