By (author)Laurel Lorenzini


“Join Micha on a heartwarming journey of resilience and friendship as they learn to let go of their baggage and embrace the fun and adventure life has to offer. With beautiful illustrations and a meaningful message, Baggage by Laurel Lorenzini is the perfect book to inspire children to overcome their fears and insecurities.”


This heartwarming children’s book follows a young child, Micha, who struggles to find their place in the world. Faced with a life full of challenges, they must find the courage to let go and not miss out on all the fun life has to offer. Through the power of resilience and friendship, they discover that anything is possible.. “I spent over 40 years teaching people how to let go of their baggage and learn to live in the present. I highly recommend Baggage by Laurel Lorenzini as a vital resource for children on how to overcome their past and baggage. This book is beautifully illustrated by Amanda Letcher. Her illustrations add flair to the interesting story of Micha and his baggage. The mere weight of baggage can be paralyzing and feel extremely liberating when it is removed. As you read this delightful book with your child, spend time discussing their fears and how to handle them. Explain that baggage and fear are big bullies that can be overcome by accepting the truth that your child is good enough just as they are. Learning to release baggage will be transforming for children and serve them well as they go through life.” – Reviewed by Philip Van Heusen for Readers’ Favorite (5-star review). “Baggage is a lovely story targeted at young readers. It discusses insecurities that youngsters have to deal with. This is a topic that most adults are unfamiliar with when it comes to dealing with children. Laurel Lorenzini’s use of animals to depict the characters in this picture book makes it easier for children to identify with as well as enjoy the story while getting to the heart of its message. The illustrations are also really good as Letcher uses bright colors that hold the young reader’s attention with ease. The best part of this story is the dual meanings attached to Micha’s luggage, easily substituting toys for the less obvious concerns which are stylishly imprinted on the items in the wagon. Baggage is a well-thought-out book with noble intentions. It may not instantaneously solve a young reader’s problems but it makes them aware that others know what they are going through and are willing to help them.”- Reviewed by Essien Asian for Readers’ Favorite (5-star review). “Children who learn to accept themselves and to live with others have less stress and better self-esteem. They learn to trust themselves, and by feeling safe and accepted, they will try to do many new activities. However, it is difficult for some children to free themselves from negative emotions, especially when there is a strong emotional bond. It is necessary to teach them how to understand their emotions and encourage them to communicate. Laurel Lorenzini exemplifies this concept in Baggage. The story is about Micha, a child who is always carrying a wagon from one place to another, in which there are bags with labels such as fear or sadness. Everyone Micha meets is kind. They play, sing, have adventures, and invite Micha to be part of it all, but Micha refuses. The reason is that Micha doesn’t want to lose sight of the bags until the moment of understanding that the burden causes the loss of opportunities to have fun.” -Diana Lopez for Readers’ Favorite (5-star review)