Banana Chiffon and Bad Deeds

By (author)London Lovett


Meet Scottie Ramone, London’s newest amateur sleuth, as she navigates through a series of surprises in Banana Chiffon and Bad Deeds—a prequel novella to the Scottie Ramone Cozy Mystery series. A missing grandmother, a murdered neighbor, and a crush from the past lead her on a thrilling adventure in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, putting her wedding plans and pastry chef job on hold. Join Scottie on her quest to find her grandmother in this delightful and suspenseful cozy mystery series.


Meet London’s newest amateur sleuth, Scottie Ramone, in Banana Chiffon and Bad Deeds—A prequel novella to the Scottie Ramone Cozy Mystery series.A missing grandmother, a murdered neighbor and a crush from the past are just a few of the surprises waiting for Scottie in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.. Scottie Ramone has been having a lot of second thoughts about a lot lately; her pastry chef job in a five-star restaurant, her looming extravagant wedding (future mom-in-law’s idea) and spending the rest of her life with Jonathan Rathbone. The one thing she has no doubts about are her plans to open a vintage bakery.. When Scottie receives a frantic, late night call from her grandmother all her dreams, second thoughts and a truly delicious banana chiffon cake are put on hold. Much to her fiancé’s chagrin, Scottie packs a bag and heads up to Grandmother Evie’s house in Ripple Creek.. Will she be able to sort out the chaos that awaits? Will she make it back in time for her own wedding?. Scottie knows one thing for sure; no amount of flower bouquets or yards of silk and lace will pull her away from Ripple Creek. She’s not leaving until she finds her grandmother. More in the series:Prequel: Banana Chiffon and Bad DeedsBook 1: Heads Will Cinnamon RollBook 2: Better off ShortbreadBook 3: Dead Gingerbread Man Walking