Battles of Salt and Sighs

By (author)Val Saintcrowe


In this gripping dark fantasy, two sisters are caught in the midst of a war between dark fae, and both become prized captives of dangerous men. As Prantia Onivia struggles to free herself from her captor, Centurion Larent, her sister Magdalia is taken by the necromancer Night King, leading to a tale of painful, passionate love and revenge in a world filled with magic and danger. With morally gray characters and explicit content, this book is not for the faint of heart.


Complex, savage romantic fantasy for Reylos, Darklina shippers, and other readers thrilled by dangerous, complicated men.. Two sisters.Two dark fae male captors.This is war, and they are the spoils.. Prantia Onivia used to be the pampered daughter of a senator, living in comfort on her family’s villa, waited on hand and foot by fae slaves.. Now, she is a prized captive of the slave revolt, thrown to some upstart half-blood fae centurion to be used as he wishes. Now, her father and brothers are dead, her sister captured, her body violated. Now, she belongs to Centurion Larent.. It’s cold comfort Larent seems reluctant to use her, that he is concerned primarily with making a show of it to uphold his status in the ranks, or that he negotiates with her for her favors.. Being owned is being owned, no matter if the man who owns her is a good man or not.. Onivia vows to get free of him, to save her sister Magdalia, whatever the cost. Her sister is Favored, in possession of a rare magic, important in a way that Onivia will never be. Her sister is spoiled and soft. If her sister is being treated the way Onivia is being treated, it will break Magdalia.. But Magdalia has been taken north and given to the Croith, the death fae’s Night King. He’s a necromancer who stalks long corridors wearing flowing dark robes, a hard man who can kill with one touch. He has been broken by years as a slave, broken inside in his mind, broken in a way he doesn’t care to fix.. And he was once Magdalia’s childhood playmate, the first boy she ever kissed.. Painful, passionate dark fae fantasy. Lovers and enemies all at once. Morally gray characters. Vengeance. Love that is more agonizing than hate. Magic. War. Slave revolts. Warnings for explicit content, mature language, and non-consensual sex. Not for the faint of heart.

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