Bear Creek

By (author)Dan Arnold


In this action-packed Western, John Everett Sage navigates the dangerous frontier in search of his family, facing violence, political imperatives, and the evil intentions of men. With grace, humor, and lightning-fast reflexes, he’ll win the trust of a community, the support of a governor, and the love of a woman. Fans of Louis L’Amour will be captivated by this inspiring and gritty tale of courage and adventure.


A man without a legacy, John Everett Sage spent his life wandering, working in cow towns and frontier outposts, usually as a law man. He was hoping to re-connect with his family in Wyoming when a run away horse led him in a new direction. In the town of Bear Creek, John will find his family, only to see them go in search of their own destiny. As a law man, he’ll see the high country and track killers in the night. Old friends will help him face new times of violence and danger, his personal limitations, political imperatives and the evil intentions of men whose souls are lost to greed. Along the way he’ll win the trust of a community, the support of a governor and the love of a woman.Hold on tight, the industrial revolution is moving faster than the newest locomotive, faster than a galloping horse and faster than the fastest gun.John Everett Sage will handle whatever comes at him, with grace, humor, lightning fast reflexes, and his personal faith in God.Fans of Louis L’ Amour Westerns will love this inspiring, action packed and gritty Western which may also remind them of Robert B. Parker or Elmore Leonard, with a touch of Cormac McCarthy for good measure.