Black Soul Eater

By (author)Bryan Nyaude


In this thrilling sci-fi adventure, follow the journey of the troubled assassin Rave as he battles nightmarish creatures and the darkest parts of humanity in a quest to recover his lost soul. Will he sacrifice his soul for happiness or fight to reclaim his old life? Find out in this gripping tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Start reading now!


Desperate and on the verge of a psychotic breakdown, the monstrous assassin know as Rave ventures towards the edge of the galaxy, trying to find a way to recover his lost soul. He soon finds himself in a battle for survival against ancient creatures from nightmares, the worst atrocities of humanity, and forced to make a choice that will change his future forever. Will he forsake his soul for a chance at happiness or destroy all that stands in his way to reclaim his old, miserable life back? Read more Continue reading Read less

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