Blacked Cheating Wives – Interracial Taboos: Alea & Sarah

By (author)Paul Jaden

Get ready to be captivated by two scandalous tales of unfaithful wives and their irresistible black lovers. As Alea’s animalistic desires are unleashed by a charming black stallion on the day of her wedding, Sarah finds herself torn between her failing marriage and her passionate black lover, Davu. Get lost in a mix of fantasy and truth that will leave you craving for more.


Another two lustful short stories about two unfaithful wives and their sexy black lovers:

● Alea was about to get married. She was waiting for her best friend to pick her up for the wedding. But quite unexpectedly, a charming black stallion suddenly appeared in front of her front door. From there, all of her animalistic urges came out …

● Sarah’s marriage to Fred seemed to be falling apart. Her black lover, Davu, was the only one who satisfied her sexual appetite and still made her feel affection. But her husband was put to the test and had a bizarre surprise …

“My stories are a mix of fantasy and truth. But often these two things are closely related.”
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