By (author)Ivy Nelson

In “Blood,” billionaire Elijah Barrett seeks revenge for his mother’s murder, but his attraction to Holly Sutton complicates matters. As their desire grows, Elijah must decide between vengeance and love in this strangers-to-enemies-to-lovers office romance. This is the first book in the Diamond Doms series, offering a sizzling power exchange relationship in the elite world of Club Solitaire.


***SERIES COMPLETE***Her father killed his mother.Now billionaire Elijah Barrett must decide between attraction and vengeance.His thirst for revenge has him offering Holly Sutton a job.Lust has him taking her to Club Solitaire, the elite adult club he runs.Desire increases, and now he’s questioning whether revenge is really worth it.. Blood is book 1 in the COMPLETE Diamond Doms series and is a strangers-to-enemies to-lovers office romance with a power exchange relationship.