Broken Horizon

By (author)Charles Nall

In the aftermath of war and rebellion, the Galactic Union and the Blood Dynasty continue their peace talks, while a group of friends train to become officers for the impending war. Meanwhile, Riko Maeda fights for survival on the prison planet of Mars, believing that things will only get worse. In a time of darkness, hope is the most powerful weapon.


Hope can turn the tides of war.

It has been nearly ten months since the Battle of Artemis, where rogue Confederation warships attempted to eliminate President Kael Eridanys of the Galactic Union. The President lived and war did not break out between the Orion Confederation and Galactic Union. However, a rebellion has started to spread across the Confederation.

As the Confederation burns, the “normals” of the Galactic Union and the “vampires” of the Blood Dynasty continue their peace talks. Jacob Carpenter and the former crew of Rapture have been welcomed aboard the heavy cruiser Empyrean. Jacob and his friends have begun training to become actual officers. The road ahead will be difficult but Captain John Devereaux believes new capable officers will be necessary when a war finally breaks out.

Elsewhere, Riko Maeda struggles to survive. She finds herself on the prison planet of Mars. The Warden of the prison, Ross Algol, watches from the Citadel, high above Mars. No one will escape on his watch… not even Riko.

Riko stares upon a broken horizon. Riko believes things are just going to get worse.

In a time like this, the greatest weapon is hope. Read more Continue reading Read less ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Charles Nall was born and raised in Arkansas. He was fascinated with the likes of Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and the Battletech universe. At a young age he drew a crude science fiction comic. It had vampires and mechs and spaceships. (Vampires before they were so popular!) It was fun. Not particularly well written or drawn, but it was fun. As he grew up, he would go back and redraw and “reboot” the comic series. Eventually, he even attempted to write a novel. The story was reworked over and over. Names were changed, the mechs removed, vampires not quite as bloodthirsty… Eventually, it became an epic in his mind that he had to share. Shatterspace. –This text refers to the paperback edition. Read more Continue reading Read less