Chasing Magic: the Last Witch Coven Book 1

By (author)Rachel Medhurst


In this enchanting tale, an elemental witch with limited magic finds herself falling in love with a human. As they navigate the perils of warlocks and their own destined connection, they must strive to save magic before it fades away, and with it, their chance at true happiness. Will they fulfill their fate, or will their love be lost forever? Read more to uncover the captivating twists and turns of this magical romance.


An elemental witch with limited magic falls in love with a human. Standard really.

My story is a typical one. Girl meets boy, drama ensues, and the warlocks try to kill me. Okay, maybe not so typical. And yet, it’s on point. My whole life, I’ve been one of eight members left in the last witch coven. Cursed to continually revisit the earth until all eight of us unite with our soul match in one lifetime, we fight the warlocks in order to reawaken magic before the witches finally die out.

Antony is my hunky bodyguard, assigned to me by the last witch elder. When I’m kidnapped by the warlocks, he stops at nothing to find me, even though he’s in complete denial about our connection. Still, can’t blame a guy for freaking out when he finds out that he’s a witch, destined to be my soul match. Only time will tell if we’re able to fulfil our fate or will magic fade, along with my happiness?