Cherish Me: a Clean, Sweet, Faith-filled Reunion Romance, Plain Heroine, Scarred Hero, in a Small Town Where Life Begins At 40!

By (author)Autumn Macarthur

When Nai returns to Chapel Cove, she never expected to encounter her old high school crush Mateo, but as they navigate through challenges and old hurts, they may just find a second chance at love at forty. Set in the charming town of Chapel Cove, this sweet and clean Christian romance series offers heartwarming stories of hope, faith, and love for those starting anew. Join Nai and Mateo as they rediscover romance in this captivating second-chances and opposites attract romance.


She’s back in the hometown she never wanted to return to, along with the high school heartbreaker she never wanted to see again. A second chance at forty, or a second heartbreak?. When her beloved aunt’s sudden illness sends Nai back to Chapel Cove to manage the town’s bookstore, her successful, independent, organized life in Texas seems a million miles away. Between a book-hoarding aunt, a leaky roof, unruly pets, wobbly faith, and flaky bookstore staff, the last thing she wants is to have to rely on local cop Mateo Rodriguez for help. Not when he’s the guy who broke her heart, convincing her to focus on her career, not romance.. Mateo, returned to the Cove to help his aging grandfather, never forgot his first love Nai or the one sweet kiss at sixteen that sent her running. Normally confident and capable, being around each other shoots them both back into their teenage shyness and insecurity. They’ll need to overcome soul-deep hurts, lies they believe about themselves, learn to trust in God, and risk being vulnerable enough to accept their second chance at love at forty.. Will a crisis bring them together — or tear them apart? A sweet and quirky second-chances/ opposites attract / seasoned couple romance, with a plain heroine and a scarred hero.Welcome to Chapel Cove, Oregon, where life begins at forty.Stunning coastline, a harbor against life’s storms, and a welcoming community await in Chapel Cove. A place where those hurt by challenges, disappointments, and failures or reminded of their unfulfilled hopes and dreams can make a fresh start. And, if they’re brave enough to accept it, maybe also find a second chance at love, if only they’ll allow God to safely anchor them in their hearts’ home? Discover this small town filled with love, hope, and faith, in Chapel Cove, a series of sweet and clean standalone Christian romances. Join us in Chapel Cove today!Book 1 – Remember Me by Marion UeckermannBook 2 – Love Me by Alexa VerdeBook 3 – Cherish Me by Autumn Macarthur (this book)Book 4 – Choose Me by Marion UeckermannBook 5 – Hold Me by Alexa VerdeBook 6 – Marry Me by Autumn MacarthurBook 7 – Belong with Me by Alexa VerdeBook 8 – Accept Me by Marion UeckermannBook 9 – Adore Me by Autumn MacarthurBook 10 – Ride with Me by Marion UeckermannBook 11 – See Me by Autumn MacarthurBook 12 – Don’t Leave Me by Alexa VerdeBook 13 – Stand by Me by Autumn MacarthurBook 14 – Trust Me by Rose Fresquez. You can also get all five of my Chapel Cove books in one ebook set! I hope you enjoy your visit to this wonderful community!