By (author)Calvin Locke


“Discovery!” is a captivating tale of five cousins who awaken in a shared dream with extraordinary powers, destined to protect the real world from sinister forces. Packed with action and excitement, this thrilling adventure is perfect for readers of all ages and sets the stage for the Epic Dream Fighter Chronicles.


Dive into the adventure that launched a universe! “Discovery!” is the first book in the thrilling Dream Fighter Chronicles series, captivating readers with a tale of courage, mystery, and extraordinary powers. It’s a journey perfect for families and readers of all ages, from 8 to 88.One ordinary night, five cousins fall asleep in their grandparents’ basement, only to find themselves in a shared dream where they are anything but ordinary. They awaken within the dream as Dream Fighters, each possessing astonishing abilities: Haley leaps across rooms, Braden telekinetically moves objects, Jack dashes at super speed, and Jillian conjures anything she imagines into existence. Together, they discover they are descendants of a long line of legendary warriors destined to protect the real world from sinister forces.Under the guidance of their uncle, who is mysteriously trapped inside Jillian’s doll, these young heroes learn about the centuries-old order of Dream Fighters. They must quickly master their new powers to confront Sarlak, the malevolent leader of an army of Gorgons poised to invade their world.As they navigate challenges and learn to work as a team, these former average kids must overcome their fears and embrace their destinies. There are no save points or restarts in this game-like adventure—every action counts, and there are no second chances.From magical trickery to sinister traps, “Discovery!” is packed with action and excitement that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. As the cousins fend off Sarlak’s evil plans, they will find out just how deep their powers run and who among them might succumb to the darkness. All the while, they will learn the importance of belief and trust.Begin your journey with “Discovery!” and join these young heroes as they step into a world brimming with danger and wonder, setting the stage for the epic Dream Fighter Chronicles. This story is not just an introduction to their world—it’s an invitation to experience the power of imagination and the beginnings of a legendary saga.