By (author)Joseph J. Swope

In “Disturbed,” the haunted Coal Region of Northeast Pennsylvania becomes the backdrop for Jonah Frost’s struggle to rebuild his life while battling the ghosts of a violent past. With a history of mental illness, Jonah is unaware that his new home is host to a vengeful spirit, forcing him to confront both his inner demons and those from beyond the grave.


As Seen in Scream MagazineDisturbed is set in the Coal Region of Northeast Pennsylvania, a grimly haunted region with a bloody history of conflict between oppressed miners and wealthy coal barons. Many believe that even today, the ghosts of the Molly Maguires – a secret Irish organization that waged war against oppressive labor practices in the 19th Century – still roam the landscape.Into this setting arrives Jonah Frost, a young man with a history of mental illness. Little does he know his new home is inhabited by its former resident, hell-bent on continuing her life’s vendetta. Even as Jonah attempts to forge a new life and friendships, he must battle both his own demons and those from beyond the grave.