Fatgirl: Origins: Part One

By (author)C. S. Johnson


Discover a satirical science fiction superhero story that takes on high school, PC culture, and diet culture. In “Fatgirl: Origins: Part One,” follow seventeen-year-old Kallie as she navigates auditions for a reality show, battles her frenemy, and faces unexpected challenges like her PhD-in-nuclear-nanotechnologist grandmother and a terrorist threat. This captivating novel promises to leave you with a fresh perspective on doughnuts and the power of self-love.


A girl, her grandmother, and half a dozen radioactive doughnuts …

There’s nothing that seventeen-year-old Kallie Grande-White hungers for more than to be a famous model like her mother — except maybe actually food. But that’s a small inconvenience, especially with the Model Middle America reality show holding auditions for the Next Top Heartland Teen Heartthrob Model right in Kallie’s hometown.

Now that she has a chance to make her dream come true, Kallie is determined not to let anything stand in her way — not her best frenemy, Amory Franklin, not her lacrosse-playing crush, Blake Turner, and especially not the new, awkward fat kid in her computer class.

And while the sudden appearance of her PhD-in-nuclear-nanotechnologist grandmother definitely throws Kallie off, the rest of the world will soon find out that it’s not over until the fat lady sings — or in this case, it’s not over until Fatgirl sits on a terrorist’s face.

You’ll never look at doughnuts the same way again.

Perfect for anyone who’s ever felt out of place in high school and never felt good enough for others to love you for who you are.

Fatgirl: Origins: Part One is the first in a new series featuring a satirical science fiction superhero take on growing up, PC culture, and diet culture from award-winning, genre-hopping author C. S. Johnson.