Forest of Firelight


In “The Riven Kingdoms,” Princess Amalia faces the impossible task of choosing the next king after her brother’s death, setting off on a quest to find a worthy successor. Little does she know, someone has set his sights on her, leading to an unlikely partnership with a man of secrets, Rhys, as they set upon a perilous journey to save their world from darkness. This breathtaking tale of star-crossed lovers and magic will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


From the author of The Silver & Orchids Series comes a breathtaking tale of two kingdoms torn apart by magic and the star-crossed lovers who set upon a perilous journey to reunite them before they fall into ruin.. Enter the world of The Riven Kingdoms.. After the sudden death of her brother, Princess Amalia is charged with what feels like an impossible task—she must choose the next king. Youthful thoughts of love are pushed aside as she accepts her fate, setting upon a quest throughout the kingdom to find a man worthy of her father’s throne.. Little does Amalia know, someone has already set his sights on her.. Rhys is a man of secrets, and his mission is simple: befriend the princess of Renove. Coax her to trust him, convince her to follow him.. Betray her when it’s time.. All goes according to plan until Rhys meets the princess. Amalia is a disaster. Never has he met someone so drawn to trouble. Never has he met someone so irritatingly likable.. He’s not allowed to fall for her.. She could never entrust him with a crown.. But, unbeknownst to them, their unlikely partnership might be the key to saving their entire world from a darkness that’s slowly creeping from the wounded earth that separates one kingdom from the next.