Glass Half Broken: a Thrilling Psychological Suspense Novel

By (author)Rachel Richards


Annie’s life is overshadowed by the disappearance of those she loves, and as she struggles with her own mental health, she must unravel the shocking truth to save herself. Glass Half Broken is a fast-paced domestic thriller with a mind-bending twist, perfect for fans of The Bell Jar and Philip K. Dick. Get ready for a gripping read that will keep you on the edge of your seat!


When the people Annie love mysteriously vanish one by one, how will she uncover the secret that lies trapped inside her own deceptive mind?

Annie knows there’s something wrong with her. A child genius with crippling social anxiety and a compulsion for tearing at her wrist, Annie struggles to please her reputation-obsessed mother. Annie’s dad is the only one who understands her. But when he runs off on a spiritual quest during a manic episode, Annie blames herself.

As she matures, Annie’s grief is reignited each time someone she cares about mysteriously disappears without a trace. Suspecting she’s gone insane, Annie learns she can’t trust anyone, least of all herself. When she finally discovers the shocking truth, Annie’s next move could mean the difference between life and death.

Glass Half Broken is a fast-paced domestic thriller packed with mystery and a shocking twist! Read more Continue reading Read less REVIEW
“I’m inclined to describe the book by saying it’s what Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar would have been like if it had been written by Philip K Dick. I consider this to be an absolutely stunning debut novel. I genuinely couldn’t put the book down once I started reading, it is very fast-paced and absolutely mind-bending.” —Goodreads Reviewer

“It is one of the first stories I felt like I just couldn’t put down in a long time.” —Timothy R. Baldwin, Author and Sandra’s Book Club Reviewer

“Throughout, the beautiful writing gave me a window into a wide range of experiences, some familiar to me and some unfamiliar, and when I finished the book I wanted to tell everyone to read it.” —Lori Handelman, Clear Voice Editors

“Glass Half Broken is a psychological domestic thriller that deals with mental illness and its consequences on the person affected and those around them. The author does a great jobof highlighting deficiencies in the institutions meant to help people with mental illness as well as the plight of the homeless.” —Jacqui Corn-Uys, ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Author of the Amazon bestseller Hungry for Life: A Memoir Unlocking the Truth Inside an Anorexic Mind, Rachel Richards has always been fascinated by psychological disorders and integrative health. When she’s not writing, Rachel is a licensed massage therapist with a private practice, and hosts a hugely popular YouTube channel dedicated to teaching self-massage and wellness. Rachel lives in Manhattan with her husband and young daughter—whose vivid fantasy world inspired Glass Half Broken. Read more Continue reading Read less